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A decentralized exchange (also known as a DEX) is an exchange market that does not rely on a 3rd party service to hold the client funds but instead trades occur directly between users (peer to peer) through an automated process.

A total of 4 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance Txn Count
0xbf9d97eaf551877e4710d8e9d0519f79e03e5e69Impossible Finance: V2 Swap Factory0 BNB20
0x3cafa8d80566a0dd500311ba7758772cec538e50Impossible Finance: V2 Swap Rewards Staking 10 BNB221
0xccf4881b849d94c15c98567ba71b08ed829aba33Impossible Finance: V2 Swap Router0 BNB905
0x1a1ec25dc08e98e5e93f1104b5e5cdd298707d31Metamask: Swap Router0 BNB809,442
Sum of 4 Accounts0 BNB810,588
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