Accounts Bridge

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A gateway connecting one network to another.

A total of 7 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0xd6faf697504075a358524996b132b532cc5d0f14Anyswap: Moonriver Bridge16,284.59490097 BNB23,972
0x5d96d4287d1ff115ee50fac0526cf43ecf79bfc6Celer Network: cBridge 2.00 BNB18,034
0x638e8fe7ad4d9c05735ecb6b9c66013679276651Spore Finance: Bridge0 BNB7,793
0x98f3c9e6e3face36baad05fe09d375ef1464288bWormhole: Binance Smart Chain Core Bridge0 BNB2
0x5a58505a96d1dbf8df91cb21b54419fc36e93fdeWormhole: NFT Bridge0 BNB109
0xb6f6d86a8f9879a9c87f643768d9efc38c1da6e7Wormhole: Token Bridge0.1005 BNB18,449
0x31efc4aeaa7c39e54a33fdc3c46ee2bd70ae0a09xPollinate: Transaction Manager0 BNB61,103
Sum of 7 Accounts16,284.69540097 BNB68,359

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